Wall Plaster | Rate analysis and Quantity Calculation Tool


Wall plaster work is the next step carried out after the Brickwork. The calculation of material and labor costs for plaster work is quite difficult, so to make it easier I have made a calculator from which you can easily calculate the rate analysis and quantity calculation using this tool.  

There are different types of plaster thicknesses such as 12 mm, 15mm, and so on based on that the cement sand means the mortar mix we use for plaster work. This building estimation tool will help you to grab the rate analysis and quantity of material and labor required for plaster work easily.  

Wall plaster work

Wall Plaster | Rate Analysis and Quantity Calculation Tool

To use this tool provide your input in the yellow highlighted box and based on your real life practices provide the input for contractor % and rates of labor and material.

Length m
Width m
Quantity sq.m
Thickness m
Volume of wet mortar cum
Cement bags Bag
Sand cum
Prepared By:Parag Kamlakar Pal
Description Quantity & Number Rate Per Amount
Cement bag Bag
Sand Cum
Material Cost
Supervisor for measuring and mixing no
Male coolie no
Bhistie no
Sundries LS
Labour Cost
Contractor profit Percentage
Water and electric consumption charges Percentage
Total cost

Building Estimation Tool

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