Building Design using StaadPro Software


We all know that Building analysis and design is very important for all civil engineers. To get the proper design we all use the different software such as StaadPro or StaadPro connect edition. Civilnotess help to provide the FREE Building Design using StaadPro software.

You can learn Building Design using StaadPro software here by watching following videos.

Also you can earn Certification by watching the video and by submitting the Project performed. 

Basic of RCC structure

Stress strain and eccentricity

Staddpro Overview

Analysis of Beam 1

Analysis of Beam 2

Analysis of Beam 3

Analysis of Beam 4

Analysis of portal frame with hinge support

Analysis of portal frame with fixed support

Analysis of Non sway portal frame

How to offset beam to reduce warning

G+2 Story Building Analysis

Wall load calculation

Total load calculation

Design Of RCC Building 1

Understand the building results under loading and command for design

Building check with column design

Beam Design

Beam analysis using new update

Final Beam Design

Beam BBS

Column Design With BBS

Design of Slab & staircase

PAD Footing Design

Design of isolated footing

Design of combine footing

Design of mat foundation

Thank you for watching the video tutorial. Please prepare 1 project and mail to to get the certification.

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