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Learn Project Management Using - Primavera P6 Software (FREE)

Project management is one of the leading categories in any construction firm and during the project it provides more valuable support to manage the total project cost, project time and manpower, and many more.

Primavear P6 Course

In this course, i am providing the project management terms using primavera p6 software free of cost. You can learn the primavera and earn money in the construction firm within a very limited time period. The various terms such as cash flow, cash monitoring, and planned vs actual budget are the most important terms in construction management while using the Primavera software.

Watch all lectures free of cost and earn money by taking a good job in the deducted sector.

Primavera P6 Course - FREE Lectures

  1. Primavera Learning: Introduction To Project Management And Primavera 
  2. Primavera Learning: How to open Project WBS and Activity
  3. Primavera Learning: How to link task Successor and Predecessor
  4. Primavera Learning: How to set up the calendar
  5. Primavera Learning: How to set up OBS in Primavera
  6. Primavera Learning: How to create project codes
  7. Primavera Learning: How to create project codes
  8. Primavera Learning: How to use activity types for different purpose 
  9. Primavera Learning: How to assign and schedule relationships to activities
  10. Primavera Learning: How to Trace Logic Through Activity Network PERT
  11. Primavera Learning: Introduction to CPM and PERT 
  12. Primavera Learning: What is float or slack
  13. Primavera Training: How to setup total duration and time in P6
  14. Primavera Training: How to understand FLOAT
  15. Primavera Training: How to link activities 
  16. Primavera Learning: How to Check planned activity schedule based on time
  17. Primavera Learning: How to identify Float path
  18. Primavera Training: What is timescale
  19. Primavera Tutorial: How to Use Time Scale Format and Setting in Gantt Chart
  20. Primavera Tutorial: How to Use Group and Sort By Activities
  21. Primavera Tutorial: How to Create Resource Dictionary
  22. Primavera P6 Tutorial - How to assign resource and resource codes to activities
  23. Primavera p6 Tutorial | How to assign Resource
  24. How to Identify Budgeted Costs for an Activity in Primavera p6
  25. Tutorial: How to Create and Assign Expenses for Activities in Primavera p6
  26. Primavera P6 Tutorial: What does the Activity Cost Loading Consist
  27. Primavera p6 Tutorial | How to track Resource Usage Profile and Spreadsheet
  28. Primavera p6 Tutorial: How to understand Resource Allocations using graph
  29. Primavera p6 Tutorial: What is Baseline
  30. Primavera p6 Tutorial | what is percent complete type
  31. Primavera p6 Tutorial | What is activity steps
  32. Primavera p6 Tutorial | Project EPS
  33. Primavera p6 Tutorial | Project Basic settings
  34. Primavera Tutorial: Project Activities Part 1
  35. Primavera Tutorial: Project Activities Part 2

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