Brickwork | Rate analysis and Quantity Calculation Tool


Brickwork is always a very important building component which gives partation importance to the building. This post gives you an easy way to calculate the rate analysis and quantity calculation tool in a very easy way. This post will provide you Brickwork rate analysis and quantity calculation tool to get detailed information related to brickwork.

There are various questions raised on Brick work construction such as follows:

  • how to calculate brick quantity
  • how to calculate brick quantity
  • a brick has how many edges
  • how to calculate brick in wall
  • how many brick in 1 square meter
  • how many brick in 1 cubic meter with mortar
  • what is brick and mortar
  • what is brick in civil engineering

To answer above question we have online tool which can help to get the number of many bricks in 1 cubic meter with mortar.

Use the following tool which will help to calculate brick quantity in meter cube.

Size of brick without Joint Mortar .19 .09 .09
Size of brick with Joint Mortar
Thickness of brickwall m
Wall Length m
Wall Height m
Volume of brickwork cum
Number of brick Nos
Total No of brick including wastage Nos
Dry Volume @35% of total volume of brick masonry
No of cement bag Bags
Volume of sand Cum
Description Quantity & Number Rate Per Amount
No of brick per brick
Cement Bags Bag
Volume of sand Cum
Material Cost
Mason Day
Male coolie Day
Female coolie Day
Bhistie Day
Scaffolding lump
Sundries lump
Labour cost
Contractor profit Percentage
Water and electric consumption charges Percentage
Total cost

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