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Estimation and costing of Building

 Hi everyone as you all are aware about the estimation & costing which consists of various tools and techniques for the Building and other structural work like BOQ, Rate analysis and BBS means bar bending schedule.

Civilnotess provided one course with the help of that you can able to estimate the cost of whole building is 1 Hour. Here you will get all different tools and techniques which can help you to prepare Rate analysis of excavation,plinth beam, beam, slab, column, paint, steel work, DPC, tiles and more also Quantity takeoff, Bar Bending Schedule of structural members like Beam, Column, Slab & lintel.

Following are the lectures helps to provide the proper knowledge of the Estimation and costing of whole building. You need to pay 499/- & 500/- to watch this course online and Estimation tool with RATE ANALYSIS, QUANTITY TAKEOFF & BBS by scanning QR code and send the receipt and email id on WhatsApp number 7972051033 to get access.

Lec 1 Introduction of Estimation and costing of building

Lec 2 How to calculate the quantity from Submission plan 

Lec 3 Quantity takeoff using measurement sheet

Lec 4 How to calculate the Steel bar in Kg using BBS

Lec 5 Rate analysis of brickwork

Lec 6 Rate analysis of RCC work

Lec 7 Rate analysis of plaster

Lec 8 Rate analysis of Beam plinth and steel work

Lec 9 Rate analysis of Slab work

Lec 10 Bar bending schedule of Beam and lintel

Lec 11 Rate analysis of column

Lec 12 Bar bending schedule of Slab

Lec 13 Bar bending schedule of Column

Lec 14 Rate analysis of Door Window and rest items

Lec 15 How to use rate analysis and BBS of building

Watch Free Estimation video for rest calculation using Revit

Pay 499/ (Estimation Course)- & 500/ (Estimation Tool)- by scanning QR codes an send Receipt and email id on 7972051033 

Thank you for watching the whole lecture you need abstract and measurement sheet which you can download by clicking on Abstract & Measurement sheet and submission drawing.

Note: Only paid students can avail the excel sheet

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