Microsoft Project Free course

Microsoft Project is very important application for the project management. It is very helpful to carry out different project management practices for the several types of projects such as construction, oil and gas, IT projects and many more. 

This course I am presenting for you all to get the understanding of the terms of project management and its use in your day to day life.

Watch the following video one by one to get the realistic details of the Project management.

Microsoft Project - Introduction of Microsoft project

Microsoft Project - How to set up basic settings of projects and task preparation 

Microsoft Project: How to identify critical task using task links

Microsoft Project: How to setup task in MSP for building construction

Microsoft Project: Resource planning using Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project: How to manage cost of resources in MS project 

Microsoft Project: How to add Actual cost in MS Project

Microsoft Project: How to add baseline and cost in MS Project 

Microsoft Project: Earned value analysis

Microsoft Project: How to add milestone task in MS project

Microsoft Project: Cost and time overrun using summery task

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