What is Prismatic Compass

A prismatic compass, also known as a surveyor's compass, is a type of surveying instrument that is used to measure and mark angles. It consists of a rotating circular plate, or compass dial, with a sighting mechanism and a sighting line, and a removable prism that can be used to reflect the sighting line. The prismatic compass is typically mounted on a tripod and used in conjunction with a leveling device and a tape measure to perform accurate surveying and measurement tasks.

The prismatic compass is commonly used in construction, engineering, and land surveying to measure angles for the layout of buildings, roads, and other structures, as well as to determine the slope of the ground and the location of obstacles. The prismatic compass is particularly useful in areas with dense vegetation or other obstructions, where it can be difficult to see the distant point being surveyed. The prism allows the sighting line to be reflected and viewed from a different angle, making it possible to survey points that would otherwise be obstructed.

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