What is Surveyor's Compass

The term "Surveyor's Compass" and "Prismatic Compass" are often used interchangeably, they refer to the same type of surveying instrument. A Surveyor's Compass is a specialized tool used by surveyors, engineers, and construction professionals to measure angles and take accurate readings for various surveying and construction projects. It consists of a circular dial, a sighting mechanism, and a removable prism. The circular dial is used to measure angles, and the sighting mechanism allows the user to aim the instrument at a specific target, while the prism helps to reflect the sighting line and avoid obstructions.

Surveyors use the compass to determine the slope of the ground, measure angles for the layout of buildings and roads, and take readings in areas where visibility is limited. It is typically used in conjunction with a leveling device and a tape measure to ensure accuracy in measurements. The Surveyor's Compass is a versatile tool that is essential for precise surveying and construction work, and its ability to measure angles makes it an essential tool for many professionals in these fields.

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