Importance Of Various Modes Of Transportation


The importance of various modes of Transportation are having crucial role in Highway Engineering. Please go through the post and understand the Transportation system and the scope of highway engineering.

Importance Of Various Modes Of Transportation

Transportation System

• To start, the transportation system consisted of two main parts: land transportation and water transportation.

• The best mode of transportation for short-distance passenger and cargo transportation is ground transportation. especially in hilly regions that are inaccessible to other forms of transportation.

• Door-to-door service and greater accessibility are offered via land transportation. Two elements of land transportation are the roads and the railroads.

• An effective, safe, and affordable transportation system has been developed thanks to ongoing advancements in road construction. This has been used as a metric to assess a nation's level of development.

• India, an agricultural nation, planned the construction of its road system with the demands of its citizens' social and economic development in mind.

For example,

Road construction in rural areas facilitates the transportation of agricultural products to markets.

The ever-growing urban traffic is managed via the development of expressways, flyovers, and urban highways.

• Private agencies are now more interested in participating in the implementation of development programs thanks to innovative techniques like BOT (Built, Operate and Transfer). In this sense, land transportation is now a crucial component of any nation's infrastructure development.

What is Highway Engineering?

It is the area of transportation engineering that focuses on planning, designing, building, maintaining, and researching the science and technology behind various kinds of roadways. Another name for it is "road engineering."

Scope of Highway Engineering

• Whenever possible, the road surface is built on short embankments that are marginally above the overall ground level to minimize challenging drainage and maintenance issues. 'Highway Engineering' is the broad term for the science and technology pertaining to road engineering.

• It also includes the development and construction of hill roads, site development including road architecture and arboriculture and road landscaping, etc.

• The highway engineering deals with various phases like development, planning, alignment, highway geometry, design and location, highway materials, pavement design, its construction and maintenance, traffic operation and its control, economic consideration, finance and administration, etc.

• Because transportation sets off a series of activities linked to economic development, the effectiveness of a nation's transportation system has a significant impact on that development.

• The creation and distribution of goods satiate human desires. Because it is a means of communication, transportation creates new opportunities in the fields of agriculture, trade and commerce, services, health, and tourism. It also affects the price of commodities. The established patterns of the civilizations show that towns have always developed and prospered beside rivers, on important thoroughfares, or close to train stations. This ribbon expansion has altered as a result of the development of the transportation infrastructure, and new residential and industrial growth centers as well as satellite towns are being carefully designed.

• A better transportation system raises people's social awareness since it allows them to go farther in less time. Regular travel will not only help one learn more about other regions of the nation, but it will also help one gain insight into the customs and social mores of various communities.

• The transportation network gives millions of individuals access to employment options. Individuals from rural regions may relocate to urban areas in pursuit of improved employment prospects. In this sense, transportation advances a country's socioeconomic development.

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