submission drawing of residential building |AutoCAD drawing | 5m X 8m

 What is submission drawing?

Submission drawing is very important drawing for the building construction. This drawing consist of all aspects of the building construction such as follow:

1. Floor plan
2. Section plan
3. Site plan
4. Location plan
5. Detailed note of area
6. FSI calculation
7. Reinforcement detailing of few structures
8. Scale
9. Area of sing of owner, engineer and authority
10. Location plan with detailed area

Submission Drawing of 5m X 8m using AutoCAD is having total area of 40 Sqm which is shown in this drawing. The submission drawing of 5m x 8m using AutoCAD is having specification of 1RK (One room + kitchen). 

Watch below video and download the Submission Drawing of 5m X 8m using AutoCAD.

Click here to download

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