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Highway Design Using Open Road software

  1. Introduction of open road software
  2. How to setup the workspace and workset
  3. How to import google earth data and convert in contoor
  4. How to manage the contoor surface
  5. How to prepare proper contoor with definations
  6. Understand alignment tool
  7. How to manage the horizontal alignment
  8. How to manage the vertical profile with calculation
  9. How to check cross section and 3D walkthrugh
  10. Highway Quantity Takeoff
  11. How to import data from CSV to pen road
  12. Supporting data
  13. Alignment curve creation tool
  14. How to offset am alignment
  15. How to annotate the alignment
  16. Understand alignment tool
  17. Supporting data
  18. How to add sag and crest curve in vertical profile
  19. How to check horizontal alignment as per standards
  20. How to check vertical alignment as per standards
  21. How to check SSD sight visibility of alignment
  22. How to update standards based on IRC for Sight visibility
  23. How to assign superelevation part 1
  24. How to assign superelevation part 2
  25. Supporting data
  26. How to assign superelevation part 3
  27. How to check the cross section of highway with super elevation
  28. Supporting data
  29. How to model the cross section
  30. How to prepare plan sheet
  31. How to prepare the bandings fro vertical profile
  32. Introduction of template creation part 1
  33. How to prepare custome template with thickness part 2
  34. How to prepare Template and Check with Corridor
  35. How to prepare corridor using bridge teamplate
  36. How to plot corridor on google video
  37. How to prepare embackment for bridge
  38. How to preppare embackment for bridge using points
  39. How to identify the quantity takeoff 
  40. Civil cell T intersection
  41. How to prepare intersection civil cell with surface
  42. How to apply side Liner templates to civil cell
  43. How to apply main surface tempate
  44. How to add culvert in highway work part 1
  45. How to manage the culvert properties 
  46. How to prepare and test Retaining wall template 
  47. How to find elevation of alignement for vertical profile
  48. How to use accu draw to check elevation and prepare profile
  49. How to prepare Interchange
  50. Profile Intersection point
  51. Lec 1 How to import terrain area in Elevation format
  52. Lec 2 How to import Alignment
  53. Lec 3 How to prepare alignment with feature defination 
  54. Lec 4 How to prepare Line diagram with Alignment
  55. Lec 5 How to identify Thickness using iitpave
  56. Lec 6How to prepare template based on IITPave
  57. Lec 7 Introduction of simple curve
  58. Lec 8 Simple curve length calculation
  59. Lec 9 Length of transition curve
  60. Lec 10 Compound curve
  61. Lec 11 Reverse curve

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