Project Performance Dashboard

Project Performance Dashboard

A dynamic tool created to offer succinct insights into project management indicators is the Project Performance Dashboard. It provides a thorough rundown of all the pertinent project information, such as the project name, budgetary allotment, invoice and collection amounts, and sums not yet invoiced. With this dashboard, project managers can keep an eye on each project's financial performance in real time, which facilitates proactive resource management and well-informed decision-making.

The Project Performance Dashboard's primary features are as follows:

1.Project Name: Makes it simple to identify and navigate by prominently displaying the names of ongoing projects.

2.Budget Allocation: Offers a quick overview of the funds allotted to every project, assisting stakeholders in adhering to their financial limits and making changes as needed.

3.Invoice Amount: Keeps track of the total amount invoiced for tasks or milestones performed in a project.

4.The Collection Amount: indicates the effectiveness of cash flow management and payment processing by comparing the total amount collected from clients or stakeholders to the billed amounts.

5.Unbilled Amount: Indicates any unbilled sums that need to be invoiced in order to facilitate prompt billing and lower the possibility of revenue leakage.

The Project Performance Dashboard gives project managers the tools they need to effectively monitor project finances, spot possible problems early, and maximize resource usage in order to assure project success. These crucial indicators are displayed in a visually appealing way.

You can have a quick overview of Project Performance Dashboard provided below:

This dashboard is prepared by Parag Pal.

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