What is Retrograde vernier

Retrograde vernier is a type of vernier scale that is used in measuring instruments such as clocks and timers to display elapsed time. It works by having a main scale that rotates, with a fixed vernier scale located on the circumference of the rotating main scale.

As time passes, the main scale rotates, with the markings on the main scale passing over the vernier scale. The retrograde vernier displays the elapsed time by having the markings on the vernier scale indicate the time at a specific point, such as the end of a timer or the completion of a countdown. The retrograde vernier typically has markings that are finer than those on the main scale, allowing for the display of smaller increments of time.

In operation, the retrograde vernier works in a manner similar to the traditional vernier scale, with the finer markings on the vernier scale allowing for the display of smaller units of time. The retrograde vernier is commonly used in chronographs, timers, and other timekeeping devices where elapsed time needs to be displayed in a quick and easily readable manner.

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