Different types of chains use in surveying

 There are several types of chains used in surveying, including:

  1. Steel Tape - a flexible, steel measuring tape with a locking mechanism that allows for quick and accurate linear measurements.
  2. Surveyor's Chain - a 100-foot long, metal chain divided into 100 links, each link representing one foot.
  3. Gunter's Chain - a 66-foot long chain with links that are divided into smaller units, allowing for more precise measurements.
  4. Dumpy Chain - a heavy, rigid chain with a level and sighting mechanism that allows for precise horizontal and vertical measurements.
  5. Fiberglass Tape - a flexible, fiberglass measuring tape that is resistant to weather and abrasion, making it suitable for outdoor use.

These chains are used in various surveying applications, such as property boundary surveys, topographical surveys, construction surveys, and land development surveys, among others.

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