Comparison of Nagpur plan and Bombay plan

Comparison of Nagpur plan and Bombay plan is very important to understand the road network of INDIA at initial stage where the MDR, NH, Expressway, VR such types of road patterns were established. Following defined point will help you to understand the comparison of Nagpur plan and Bombay Plan.

1. Nagpur plan gave two formulae, one for metaled roads and other for unmetalled roads while Bombay plan gave five different formulae for each class of road i.e. NH, SH, MDR, ODR, and VR.

2. Nagpur Road plan divides area into agricultural and Non-agricultural area while Bombay Road plan divides it into three parts developed and agricultural area, semi-developed area, undeveloped and uncultivated area.

3. Nagpur Road plan formula does not takes into account the towns with very large population. They divided the population in only two groups 2001–5000 and above 5000 While Bombay road plan divides it into nine groups.

4. Length of railways deducted in calculating the highway length during Nagpur plan while in Bombay plan it is emphasized to develop highway system independently so in Bombay road plan it is not deducted.

5. A 15% increase in calculated road length of both categories for development of agriculture and industry during next 20 years was decided in Nagpur road plan. While in Bombay Road plan this allowance was kept as 5%.

6. Bombay road plan provided 1600 Km of Expressway out of proposed National Highways.

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