What is Right of Way - Definition & Factors Affecting RoW

The proper of manner is the whole land region received for the development of the roadway. Its width must be sufficient to deal with all of the factors of the roadway go section, any destiny widening of the street and any public application centers as a way to be mounted alongside the roadway.

RoW is the region of the street received for carriages manner + different necessities + destiny extension, alongside its alignment. Good exercise is to gather RoW extensive sufficient to deal with the last improvement and all additives of the street. Generally, in India forty five m ROW is received for creation of 4-lane road.

A regular residential road has a proper-of-manner width of about 60 ft. A regular arterial or downtown road has a proper-of-manner width of about eighty ft. Other widths are much less not unusualplace however now no longer unusual. Alley configurations can range from 10 ft to twenty ft, however are maximum generally 14 ft.

Factors Affecting Right of Way:

  1. Width of formation
  2. Height of embankment
  3. Side slopes
  4. Drainage system
  5. Sight distances attention on horizontal curves
  6. Future extension

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