Reinforcement Detailing of Beams

Detailing of reinforcements in beams plays a very important role in providing strength, durability and price optimization for construction.

Reinforcement detailing of beam should specify clearly about following points:

  • Cover to reinforcement
  • Length of reinforcement
  • Curtailment of reinforcement
  • Number and diameter of reinforcement

Above listed all point need to consider during reinforcement detailing of Beam.

Beam having different types like simply supported beam, cantilever beam, continuous beam, fixed beam and overhang beam at which the maximum bending moment occurs at different locations in term of shear force and bending moment.
Considering this, the bending reinforcement is important at the middle of the span and not required at the support where as shear reinforcements are required at the support. So, it’s not necessary to supply full length bending (tension) reinforcement and 50% of the reinforcement are often curtailed at suitable locations as shown in images below or can be bent upwards to supply as shear reinforcements.

Reinforcement Detailing of Simply Supported Beam

Good detailing of reinforcement of simply supported beam is very important to understand the binding of Steel at site. This type of beam is supported at both ends consisting of pin support at one of the end and a roller support at the other end.

You can download the reinforcement detailing by clicking on download button below.

Simply Supported Beam

Reinforcement Detailing of Cantilever Beam

A Cantilever Beam may be a sort of beam constrained at one end with the opposite end extending freely outwards. In other words, this beam is supported at one end and therefore the other end is free i.e. it has no support.

Normally, the cantilever may be a beam within the sort of an oblong parallelepiped having a length (l), thickness (t), and width (w) or within the sort of two beams connected at some angle. When a load is applied to the beam it transfers that load to the fixed end by bending this type of beam called as cantilever beam.

Some of the samples of cantilever we see in our lifestyle are the balconies during a building which are fixed at one end and unsupported at the opposite end. Some other samples of cantilevers are road directional signs, swimming bath diving boards, and backboard .

You can download the AutoCAD Reinforcement detailing file by clicking on download below.

Cantilever Beam

Reinforcement Detailing of Continuous Beam

A continuous beam is a type of beam laying over more than two supports distributed throughout its length. You can download the AutoCAD Reinforcement detailing file by clicking on download below.

Continuous Beam

Reinforcement Detailing of Fixed Beam

As the name indicates in fixed beam both the ends are fixed which not allow it from rotating or moving horizontally or vertically at that end. Download the reinforcement detailing from below.

Fixed Beam

Reinforcement Detailing of Overhang Beam

Overhanging beam is a having its end portion extending beyond its supports. Overhang beam has the properties of both cantilever beam and simply supported beam. The overhanging portion can be at one end or at both the ends of the beam which is called a double overhanging beam which having different types of supports able to carry the moment of overhang beam.

Download the Reinforcement detailing by clicking download button below.

Overhang Beam

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