Importance of various modes of transportation

Importance of various modes of transportation is need to get understand properly. The transportation system having two parts are Water transportation and the Land transportation.

The land transportation is suitable type for short haul passenger and goods transport. Especially in hilly areas, where other transport modes cannot reach. Land transportation provides better accessibility and door to door service. The railways and the roads are two components of the land transportation.

The development of road gives us efficient, safe and economic transportation system. In  the progress of a country, road construction work considered as measure parameter. In India,road network is important for the social and economic needs of the people.

For example :

1. Development of roads in rural areas gives better transport facility to  agricultural peoples.

2. Development in planning of urban roads, flyovers, expressways to manage the urban traffic.

The new method like BOT (Built, Operate and Transfer) has attracted the company’s. The land transportation  become an important part of infrastructure development of any country. 


The roads of national or state importance, in a country, is  known as highways. It deals with the planning, design, construction, maintenance and study of science. It is also called ‘Road Engineering’.

Scope of Highway Engineering:

The road pavement is generally constructed on small embankments and ground level ,to avoid the difficult drainage and maintenance problems. The science and technology dealing with road engineering is generally called ‘Highway Engineering’.

The highway engineering deals with various phases  like development, planning, alignment, highway geometric, design and location, highway materials, pavement design, its construction and maintenance, traffic operation and its control, economic consideration, finance and administration etc.

It consists development and construction of hill roads, site development including road structures. The development of any country depends on  its transportation system . The transportation triggers off a chain of activities related to economic development .

The production of goods and their distribution assure human needs. The cost of the commodities ,transportation cost is always regulating factor. Highway provide road way for agriculture, trade, Services, Hospital by means of communication.

The present patterns of the civilizations state that the towns have always grown along the river side and on major routes. Improved transportation system help to improves the social awareness among the peoples. Short travels provide to increase the knowledge about other parts of our country. Also help to understanding of different areas patterns.

Transportation network creates job opportunities for  millions of people. People from rural areas can travel to  urban areas in search of better job opportunities. In  this way, transportation contributes to the social  development of a nation.

Their are various factors which help to increase the revenue by increasing the GDP. GDP means Gross domestic product which help to generate revenue and more JOB’s. New techniques of constructions are help to generate the highway construction in faster.

Their are various transport modes like Airway, waterway that also need to constructed. Help to increase the GDP of country.

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