Introduction of Estimation and Costing

Estimation and Costing Basic 

One of the most important duty of the engineer or an architect is to prepare or forecast the probable cost of the proposed building. The problem of the preparing estimates has become somewhat complex because various factored and at the same time, it has been simplified by modern technologies.
The factors which have been complicated the process of the estimating can be enumerated as follows:
1. Advancement in technology
2. Bye-law of the local bodies
3. Changes in the living standards of the people 
4. Demand for improved services
5. Finishing required to develop the architectural effect
6. Help from financial institutions
7. Labour Law
8. Market conditions of building materials
9. Multy storeyed building in towns and cities
10. Wide range of building materials
At the same time engineer can store the necessary information in his well-equipped computed section and make the process of estimating not only simple but speedy also.
In this video lecture various information about the basic of estimation and costing in detailed explained.
Watch the following video :

Estimation and costing is always deals with the preparation of the quantity and cost based calculation which help to identify the total expenditures for the projects. But most of the time the civil engineers are lagging to prepare the proper estimate or BBS, valuation or quantity take off of the design buildings.

As listed in above video lecture i have provide few very interesting things related tot the estimation and costing. In which i am providing you all the basic of estimation and what are the important parameters for the overall construction field. 

Construction activity include the BOQ means “bill of quantities”, these BOQ are very important to identify the cost of the overall construction as per the basis of the Rate Analysis.

We all know that the rate analysis are helpful to get the cost of the Construction work based on the material cost and labour cost and machines cost including contractor profit.

Estimation and costing

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