What is Building Bye Law ?

Hi everyone as topic listed above i want to tell you one thing that the building bye law is a standardise book provided by the government of all districts which provide you all rules and regulations for the formation of the proper home and the infrastructure.

Most of the students and the planner may get the problems when they all are looking for the standardise things for the building planning and design. Also  if you want to make any comment and want to open any license then which form need to fill all the forms are provided by the BUILDING BYE LAW.

If you want to submit an submission drawings so what are the parameters need to provide all things with respect to the scale are provided in the building bye law. Like site map, location map, scale, Building plan with section and elevation, FSI calculation and many more things given in the Building bye law.

Watch the following video it will help you to make the understand the building bye law.  

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