Numerical : Design of Stair Case

Every building required an stair case or lift for the communication. Here i am shearing the numerical based on the RCC design in which you may get to know about the “Design Of RCC Stair Case”.

Following numerical consist of Rise = 150 mm, Trade = 250 mm, Live load = 3000 N/sq.m with the use of M 20 grade of concrete and Fe 415 Steel.

Following numerical will provide you all step by step calculations foe the design of Stair case.

Step No 1 : Total Load Calculation
Step No 2 : Design Of Waist Slab
Step No 3 : Area of steel
Step No 4 : Distribution Steel
Step No 5 : Reinforcement Detailing

Written By : Mr. Parag Kamlakar Pal.
                    ( B.E “Civil Engineering”, NICMAR “ACM” )

Watch following video lecture to get better understanding of Design of stair case.

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