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Highway Design Using Civil 3D software

  1. Introduction of Highway Terminology
  2. Pavements 
  3. Introduction to Civil 3D Software
  4. Import point and drawing setting
  5. Points and contours
  6. Surface creation using google earth & globle mapper
  7. Lec 6 supporting files
  8. Software Google Earth & Globle mapper
  9. How to import alignment
  10. Supporting Files KMZ
  11. DWG
  12. How to create alignment in civil 3D and how to offset
  13. How to create alignment with curves in civil 3D
  14. How to create the widening in alignment
  15. How to create assembly
  16. How to create corridor
  17. How to create Profile View
  18. How to create section view and corridor as per existing surface
  19. How to identify the CUT and FILL Section
  20. How to create band of elevation station and cut and fill
  21. How to create band of vertical and horizontal geometry
  22. How to save the band and use for other profile
  23. How to create customise subassebly using Subassembly application Part 1
  24. How to create assembly and create the corridor Part 2
  25. How to check the assembly using cross section
  26. How to generate alignment and 3D model from infrawork
  27. How to import surface and design alignment points 
  28. How to create design profile with assembly and section view
  29. How to identify the earthwork Cut and fill in Cu.m
  30. Material takeoff of highway material
  31. How to generate Report
  32. How to generate Report
  33. How to prepare the intersect Part 1
  34. How to prepare the intersect Part 2
  35. How to prepare the Roundabout
  36. Introduction of advance version of Infrawork
  37. How to draw culvert with 3D model
  38. How to find cut & fill in infrawork
  39. How to check alignment in infrawork and SSD Analysis
  40. How to draw intersection in infrawork and install country code
  41. How to manage the road profile with bridge profile
  42. How to create parcel part 1
  43. How to create parcel part 2  
  44. How to collect survey data from exixting alignment
  45. How to generate points fromm google earth for alignment
  46. Understand the Horizontal curve as per IRC 
  47. Understand the Vertical curve as per IRC 
  48. Alignment creation with surface
  49. Profile creation and corridor modeling
  50. Curve management and superelevation design  
  51. Vertical curve check usign IRC
  52. Hatching of plan
  53. sight distance and sweap path analysis
  54. How to remove warning and prepare the plan
  55. How to add furniture and sign in plan

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