May 25, 2022

Learn Building Design Using Staddpro & Etab Software

Building Design is very important part of Civil Engineer life. There are lots of terminologies that enhance the serviceability of your building life. In this below listed course i have provided Staddpro & Etab Udemy courses which will help you to understand the Building Design from start to end.

Points Covered in Courses :

  1. Introduction to Building Modeling & Design
  2. Load Calculation
  3. IS 456 Specifications
  4. Analysis of Model (SFD & BMD)
  5. Material specifications as per IS 456 & IS 875
  6. Beam Design
  7. Column Design
  8. Slab Design
  9. Foundation Design
  10. Stair Case Design
  11. Redesign of Model specifications
  12. Reinforcement Detailing of Beam, Column, Slab, Stair Case, Footing and more
  13. BBS of Beam, Column, Slab, Stair case, Footing
  14. Calculation From software step by step
  15. Section and Elevation Drawings of Beam, column, slab, floor slab, stair case and more.

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