May 25, 2022

Estimation and Costing of Building Free Course

Hi everyone my name is Parag Pal. I am owner of “”. I am providing you all the most important thing related to Construction Industry which called as “Estimation and costing of Building”. In this FREE course you will get to know about how to checklist, Material and quantity takeoff, Rate analysis of all items which are incorporated with building work, BBS of all items, Approximate estimate and Final detailed estimate with measurement sheet.

This course allow you to understand the basic to advance learning of following items:

  1. Introduction of Estimation and costing of Building (Lec 1)
  2. What is checklist (Download Check list format ) (Lec 2)
  3. How to prepare approximate estimate for the Building work
    1. Approximate Estimate tool (Lec 3)
  4. How to draw house plan using Revit Software (Lec 4)
  5. How to calculate the quantity takeoff of Building Using @Revit + Excel Software
  6. Rate analysis of All building items
  7. BBS (Bar bending schedule) of All building items
  8. Final measurement sheet based on Quantity & Cost
  9. Detailed estimate
  10. Bill preparation format
  11. Suggestion related to Start own work

All these above listed topic will definitely stimulate your civil engineering carrier to get the boost at different level. I must say from this project of Mine you can achieve the best output. If anyone want to use the real database then i will be providing them in some cost that i will update here as we will complete the course.

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