January 20, 2022

Highway Design and Material Engineering

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Highway Engineering Master Test 1

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The sight distance available to a driver travelling on the road at any instance depends on the following factors.
I. Height of drivers eyes above the road surface.
II. Height of object above the road surface.

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The minimum length of overtaking zone should be (d1+ d2 + d3 = OSD)

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Length of the transition curve for comfort condition is ______.

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Bitumen of viscosity 80/100 penetration grade is used for

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An aggregate is said to be exceptionally strong when the aggregate impact value is

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Width of roadway of two lane national highway in mountainous and steep terrain is

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The extra widening necessary on a two lane pavement for a curve of radius 80 m and wheel base 6 m with a
design speed of 65 km/h is ______.

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The length of the summit curve for a stopping sight distance of 100 m with an upward gradient of 1% and
downward gradient of 2% is ______. Take the height of the eye of the driver to be 1.2 m and the height of the object above the roadways to be 0.15 m

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The maximum grade compensation necessary to ease the gradients at horizontal curves is ______

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Indian Road Congress was established in the year ______.

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