June 1, 2020

Water Content, Specific Gravity & Field density – Tests

The water content of soil can be determined by any of the following methods:  
1. Oven-drying method  
2. Torsion balance method 
3. Pycnometer method  
4. Sand bath method  
5. Alcohol method  
6. Calcium carbide method  
7. Radiation method 

Specific Gravity Determination  By using the following methods, specific gravity of solid  particles is determined in the laboratory.  
1. Density bottle method  
2. Pycnometer method  
3. Measuring flask method  
4. Gas jar method  
5. Shrinkage limit method 

Determination of in Situ Density or  Field Density  The following methods are used for determination of undisturbed or field density. 
1. Core cutter method 
2. Sand replacement method

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