Volume-weight Relationships

1. Water content (w): It is defined as the ratio of weight of water to weight of solids.
Limit: w ≥ 0 

It is expressed as percentage.
For dry soil, w = 0. For saturated soil, w > 0. 
The water content of some of fine-grained soil may be even greater than 100%.

Volume-weight Relationships

1. Bulk unit weight : It is defined as the total weight  per unit total volume. It is also known as wet unit weight or total unit  weight.

2. Dry unit weight : It is defined as the weight of  solids per unit total volume.

3. Saturated unit weight : It is the bulk weight  when the soil is fully saturated.

4. Submerged unit weight : It is defined as  submerged weight per unit of total volume.

5. Unit weight of soil solids : It is defined as the  ratio of weight of solids to the volume of solids.

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