Formation of Soil

Formation of Soil. Soil is defined as a natural aggregate of mineral grains, with or without organic constituents, that can be separated by gentle mechanical means such as agitation in water. Whereas rock is considered to be a natural aggregate of mineral grains connected by strong and permanent cohesive forces. 

Weathering of the rock decreases the cohesive forces binding the material grains and leads to the disintegration of bigger masses to smaller particles. Soils are formed by the process of weathering of the parent rock. The weathering of the rocks might be mechanical (disintegration) and/or chemical

The disintegrated or weathered material may either be found deposited at its own place of origin, or may get transported by agents like water, wind, ice, etc., before deposition. Moreover depending upon whether the sediments are transported by water, ice or wind, the soils are called as alluvial, glacial, or aeolian,  respectively.

Classification of soil based on there utility as follows :

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