July 30, 2021

Estimation and costing of Building

Estimate of Building means to calculate the quantity and identifying the cost. In this post i have prepared the online tool which provide the Building quantity and cost. You need to put the values in highlighted colors to get good approximate estimate.

Before use of the following tool of building estimation watch the following video for more understanding.

Approximate Building Construction Cost Estimate
Total Area: sft
Project Cost in Rs.: Rs
Project Labor Cost in Rs.: Rs
Bill of Quantity
By :Parag Kamlakar Pal (Founder of CivilNotess)
Item Quantity Unit Rate Total Amount
Bazri CUM
Binding Wire Kg
Bitumen Kg
Brick Blast CUM
Brick Tiles NOS
Bricks NOS
Cement Bags
Cement for Base Coarse Bags
Cement Paint SqM
CI Pipe Meter
Coarse Sand CUM
Hardwood RFT
Earth CUM
Fine Sand CUM
Glaze Tile SqM
Hard Wood Shutter NOS
Hardwood and Commercial Plyboard NOS
Hardwood Window Shutter NOS
Iron Grills Kg
Labour cost for Brick Sup. Str
Labour cost for Brick Tiles
Labour cost for Brick Work Foundation
Labour cost for Ceiling Plaster
Lab costour for Cement Concrete
Labour cost for Ceramic Glaze Tile
Labour cost for DPC
Labour cost for Earth Excavation work
Labour cost for piping work
Labour cost for Pointing
Labour cost for RCC
Labour cost for Steel RCC
Labour cost for Wall Plaster
MS Steel Kg
Oil Bound Distemper with Labour SqM
Paint Work with Labour SqM
Sand CUM
Shuttering SFT
Stone Blast CUM
White Cement Bags
Sub Total:
Add 10% for Electric fitting wiring & Labor:
Add 10% for Water Supply fitting & Sanitary:
Add 5% for Sewerage:
Grand Total:

Note : This tool provide only approximate estimate for the Building. If you want to learn Building estimation using a plan watch more video on http://www.civilnotess.com/estimation-and-costing-of-building.html

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