April 13, 2021

GATE 2020 Planning

Hi dear students, as you all know that we are now tending towards the GATE 2020 and it is very important to know the marking strategy allotted for GATE 2019. As per the following listed video link you may get full information about the which subjects you should prepare and which you should negate.

What i found in my last 4 year that most of the aspirants are started preparing for SOM,RCC,SA subjects and they not provide concentration on maths and aptitude. As on date Math + Aptitude bring the 30 Marks for GATE exam.

So from my analysis we all need to focus on following subjects :

1. Geotechnical Engineering (Soil Mechanics)
2. Environment Engineering
3. Hydrology
4. Water west engineering
5. Fluid mechanics
6. Maths
7. Aptitude

Following video will provide you more clarity for GATE 2020 planning. Hope you Enjoy.

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