April 13, 2021

Difference Between Shallow And Deep foundations

There are various types of foundations but they are categories under shallow and deep foundations. Following difference represent the difference of both types of foundations in relation with the definitions, depth, cost, feasibility, mechanism of load transfer, advantage and disadvantage.

Sr No
Shallow Foundation
Deep Foundation
Foundation which is placed near the surface of the earth and transfers the loads at a shallow depth is called shallow foundation.
Foundation which is placed at a greater depth and transfers the loads to deep strata is called deep foundation.
The depth of foundation
The depth of shallow foundation is about 3 m or the depth of foundation is less than the footing width.
More than shallow foundation.
Shallow foundation is very cheaper.
Deep foundations are generally expensive than shallow foundation.
Shallow foundations are very easy to construct.
The construction process of a deep foundation is very complex.
Mechanism of load transfer
Shallow foundations transfer the loads by end bearing.
Deep foundations rely both on end bearing and skin friction without end bearing pile.
Construction materials are always available, and less labor is required, construction procedure is very simple at an less cost.
Foundation can be provided at a greater depth also it provides lateral support and resists uplift it acts as an effective when foundation at a shallow depth is not possible and can carry huge load.
Most of the time the possibility of a settlement it is applicable for lightweight structure and very weak against lateral loads.
It is More expensive more skilled labors requie. Complex construction procedure are involves it can be time consuming and few types of deep foundations are not very flexible.
it consists Isolated foundation, strip foundation, mat foundation, combined foundation etc.
It consists Pier foundation, pile foundation, caissons etc.
Written By : Parag Kamlakar Pal
                     B.E (Civil Engineering), NICMAR (Advance Construction Management)

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