Wednesday, 31 January 2018

What do you mean by MASONRY?

(i) The term masonry is used to indicate the art of building the structures in either
stones or bricks.

(ii) It may be defined as the construction of building units bonded together with

(iii)The masonry is used for the construction of foundations, walls, columns and other similar components of a structure.

(iv) Depending upon the type of material used, masonry can be broadly divided in thefollowing categories:

1. Stone masonry
2. Brick masonry
3. Reinforced masonry
4. Hollow concrete block masonry .
5. Load bearing wall tile masonry

Pareto charts

Pareto charts are used for identifying a set of priorities. You can chart any number of issues/variables related to a specific concern and record the number of occurrences.

This way you can figure out the parameters that have the highest impact on the specific concern.

This helps you to work on the propriety issues in order to get the condition under control.

Control chart

Control chart is the best tool for monitoring the performance of a process. These types of charts can be used for monitoring any processes related to function of the organization.

These charts allow you to identify the following conditions related to the process that has been monitored.

·Stability of the process

·Predictability of the process

·Identification of common cause of variation

· Special conditions where the monitoring party needs to react

Scatter diagrams

When it comes to the values of two variables, scatter diagrams are the best way to present. Scatter diagrams present the relationship between two variables and illustrate the results on a Cartesian plane.

Then, further analysis, such as trend analysis can be performed on the values.

In scatter diagrams, one variable denotes one axis and another variable denotes the other axis.