Friday, 19 April 2019

Fixed beam analysis using three moment theorem

Hello Everyone, in this post I will provide you some interesting knowledge about the three moments theorem. We know that in three moments theorem if you have fixed support at the end then the bending moment will be calculated as more than zero, but if the end support is not fixed and it counts as simply supported or roller then the bending moment will be considered as zero.

So in following numerical, I have 2 spans, along the left span end the fixed supported is attached and at the right span the simply supported is attached.

Watch the video till the end so you will get step by step calculations of the numerical and one of the interesting thing is that whenever there is fixed support then you should consider the imaginary beam with all the value are equal to zero. An imaginary beam is considered only to comply with the three-moment condition policy. As we know that the TMT is only applicable in 2 span.

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