Sunday, 21 April 2019

Design a simply supported rectangular beam IS code 456-2000 || LSM

Hi everyone in this video you will get step by step solution for the design of simply supported rectangular beam. There are 2 parts which will provide you all details solution for the design of a rectangular beam.

There are various load combinations are provided in this numerical, even though if the different load combination you required then you can prefer the different IS code. Like live load, dead load, superimposed dead load.

If you want to calculate the dead load then you should follow the formula like ( Length X Width X Depth ) X Density.

Also, you get to know various types of shear checks and the checks related to the development length.

Design a simply supported rectangular beam with the following beam data :

Clear span = 5m
Superimposed load = 20 KN/m
Live load = 15KN/m

Use M20 grade of concrete and Fe415 Steel. Use Limit state of method.

Reinforcement detailing are provided are at the end of the numerical.

Watch the following 2 parts till the end then you will get good clarity for the design of the rectangular beam.

Part: 1

Part: 2

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