Sunday, 17 February 2019

Various Uses of Stones

i) Stone masonry is employed for the development of foundations, walls, columns and arches.

(ii) Stones area unit used for flooring.

(iii) Stone slabs area unit used as damp proof courses, lintels and as roofing materials.

(iv) Stones with smart look area unit used for the face works of buildings. Polished marbles and granite area unit normally used for face works.

(v) Stones area unit used for paving of roads, footpaths and open areas around the buildings.

(vi) Stones are utilized in the constructions of piers and abutments of bridges, dams and holding walls.

(vii) Crushed stones with graved area unit accustomed give base course for roads. once mixed with tar they type finishing coat.

(viii) Crushed stones area unit utilized in the subsequent works also:

(a) As a basic inert material in concrete

(b) for creating artificial stones and building blocks

(c) As railway ballast

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