Sunday, 17 February 2019

Physical Classification Of Stones

Based on the structure, the rocks is also classified as: ‚ Stratified rocks ‚ unstratified rocks

(i) Stratified Rocks: These rocks having superimposed structure. They possess planes of stratification or cleavage. they will be simply split on these planes. Sand stones, lime stones, slate etc. The samples of this category of stones.

(ii) unstratified Rocks: These rocks don't seem to be stratified. They possess crystalline and compact grains. they can't be split in to skinny block. Granite, trap, marble etc. The samples of this sort of rocks.

(iii) Foliated Rocks: These rocks have an inclination to separate on a certain direction solely. The direction needn't be parallel to every different as just in case of stratified rocks. this sort of structure is incredibly common just in case of metamorphic rocks.

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