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Monday, 9 October 2017

Dumpy level

Dumpy level is an optical surveying leveling instrument consisting a telescope tube firmly secured in two collars fixed by adjusting screws to the stage by the vertical spindle. The telescope can rotate only in a horizontal plane. Relative elevation of different points of a surveying land is determined with dumpy level.

Use of Dumpy Levels

The dumpy level is mainly used in surveying for the following purposes:

To determine relative height and distance among different locations of a surveyingland.To determine relative distance among different locations of a surveying land.

Advantages of Dumpy Level

Simple construction with fewer movable parts.Fewer adjustments to be made.Due to the rigidity of dumpy levels, it retains its two adjustment for a long time.High optical power.

Disadvantages of Dumpy Level

Civil Engineers may be find it difficult in making accurate measurements.Difficulty in using.

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