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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A good civil engineer should know many basics and Topics


Lab test of Rock,Brick,Cement,Aggregate,Concrete etc


sand + Cement = Mortar

Mortar + Coarse aggregate = Concrete

Different Test of Brick

1) Crushing strength test by UTM in lab

Standard result are 10.5N/mm2 (1st class) 7.5(2nd class) 3.5(3rd class)

Stand. Size of brick- 19x19x9

2)- Water absorption test - Not more than 20% Of water by Wt. If immersed in water for 24hr - 1st class

Not more than 22% water- 2nd class & 24% - 3rd class

Many other test of brick- Hardness test,Toughness test.

English,Fleming,strecher & Header bond of brick masonary.


Strong in Compression & weak in tension (i.e we provide steel bar)

Grade(Nominal mix)- M10- 1:3:6 M15- 1:2:4 M20- 1:1.5:3 M25- 1:1:2

Know about admixture

Geo-technical engg.

Index properties of soil, Phase diagram of soil, Classification of soil


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