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Monday, 18 July 2016

Long wall and Short wall method notes by Parag K Pal.

Long wall and Short wall method is a estimation and coasting method. This method is mostly use for load bearing structure. It really very simple method just download the notes below and watch the following video lecture so you can simply learn this method.


Watch the lecture on the long wall and short wall method.


  1. it is good for student .
    u help to undersand the construction idea.
    those student not give full idea in colleage.
    thanks for video.

    i hope u more video are uplode for related to costruction

  2. I like your video sir
    ..I am also a teacher but I have cleared several concept of qsc with the help of your video.

  3. Can u provide lec on irrigation engineering

  4. Good video...
    Hello i am brijesh and right now workin in cimec technologies and please any one tell me how the the actually consistency of cement physical test use in concrete mix design and i have some doubt about materials testing so please any one can help me ? Please contact me on my mail id which "

  5. sir i m not able to undrstd the pcc in plinth calculation
    please tell us