Friday, 17 June 2016

Slope deflection method sway portal frame numerical probleam

Analysis the portal frame shown in following fig. by Slope deflection method and draw bending moment diagram.


Slope deflection method is help to determine the bending moment of sway portal frame.

Step 1:-  At fixed support the angle is zero i,e it and the deflection in beam as a delta is shown in fig. All loads are applied on it.

Step 2:- Very 1st the calculation of fixed end moment is determine by using simple fixed end formulas. And the sign convension are placed -ve & +ve respectively.

Step 3:- Formulation of slope deflection equation. Here is only fixed support so that the normal equation is used in this num, and the fixed end moment are placed respectively.


Step 4:-  Formulation of equation from joints B and joint C and formed equation have 3 unknowns.


Step 5:- Applying shear condition i,e horizontal equilibrium to determine the horizontal thrust equation

Step 6:- Adding all Fx forces to determine the 3ed equation.

Step 7:- Calculation of 3ed equation

Step 8:- Solving the 3 equation to get following values and put that values and calculate all moment values.

Step 9:- Draw the bending moment diagram from all above values and last fig show final bending moment values.