Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Objectives of soil exploration

soil exploration is very useful for civil engineer to execute the design of construction, planning of construction, and for following purposes.

1. To know the geological condition of rock and soil formation.

2. To establish the groundwater levels and determine the properties of water.

3. To select the type and depth of foundation for proposed structure

4. To determine the bearing capacity of the site.

5. To estimate the probable maximum and differential settlements.

6. To predict the lateral earth pressure against retaining walls and abutments.

7. To select suitable construction techniques

8. To predict and to solve potential foundation problems

9. To ascertain the suitability of the soil as a construction material.

10. To determine soil properties required for design

11. Establish procedures for soil improvement to suit design purpose

12. To investigate the safety of existing structures and to suggest the remedial measures.

13. To observe the soil the soil performance after construction.

14. To locate suitable transportation routes.

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