Saturday, 2 January 2016

Types of constructions

1 load bearing structure

2 framed structure

1) load bearing structure:- 

 1. in load bearing structures the entire load of the superstructure is transmitted through the walls to the soil below the ground. 

2. these walls are supported on continuous foundation that resist on hard strata. thickness of such walls is too large.

3. if the number of storey is increased the thickness of the wall increases.

4. this type of construction reduces the carpet area

5. this type of construction cannot be used for multi-storeyed building.

2.) framed structure

1. framed structure consists of a series of frame made up of beams and columns.

2. walls are constructed within the frames which are known as a partition walls

3. thus the load of floor roofs and partition walls are supported by beams which in turn transmit the load to the column.

4. column transmit the load to the foundation, which rests on a hard soil below the ground

5. framed structure are suitable for medium and multi storeyed building.

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