Saturday, 2 January 2016


For good planning and designing of building, the site of the building is the most important aspect. the fallowing general guidelines should be kept in mind while selecting a site for a building.

1 . SITE plot must be of clear title along with clear ownership rights of the land.

2. the building site should be located on a fully developed or fat developing locality.

3. for happy living the neighborhood should be of equal status in society.

4. the shape of the plot shall not be irregular

5. as far as possible rectangular plot should be selected because maximum area of plot can be used for construction.

6. the site should be have general facilities such as a sewer line,  water line, power construction, street lights, and garbage disposal.

7. the site should be well connected by road by pass and service lines.

8. the site should be elevated land so as to have easy surface drainage  of rain water

9. the ground water table level at the site should be not too high not too low.

10.the soil condition of plot should be such that economical foundation should be possible, good compact soil, hard strata, rock or sand is desirable at minimum depth.

11. the site should have good view of landscape such as hills, gardens, rivers, lake, seashore as to promote healthy and peaceful living.

12. the site should away from kilns, quarries, congested and noisy localities and such other places.

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