Sunday, 24 January 2016

Different types of the soil samples

The soil samples can be of two types:-

1) A disturbed sample

2) Undisturbed sample


1) A disturbed sample is that in which the natural structure of soil get partly or fully modified and destroyed although with suitable precautions the natural water content may be get preserved.

such a sample however be representative of the natural soil by maintaining the original proportion of various soil particle impact.

it can be used to determine the  index properties of the soil. Such as grain size, plasticity characteristics specific gravity.

however it is impossible to get truly undisturbed sample. some disturbance is inevitable during sampling even when almost care is taken. even the removal of the sample from the ground produces a change in the stresses and cause disturbance. it is used for determining the compressibility shear strength permeability shrinkage limit etc. the smaller disturbance the greater would be the reliability of the result.


2) An undisturbed sample is that in which the natural structure and properties remain preserved.

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