Saturday, 2 January 2016

Basic function of building.

1. it should be sufficiently strong to withstand the effects of the atmosphere and environment.

2. it should be durable and stable to take up the anticipated loads coming on it including the self weight live load and earthquake load.

3. it should be well ventilated and free from dampness.

4. it should be resist penetration of moisture

5. it should be provide maximum living and working comfort

6. it should be dimensionally stable

7. grouping of rooms should be so planned as to ensure circulation and optimum utilization of space and maximum efficiency fire hazards.

8. the building should be safe against fire hazards

9. the building should be safe against theft and burglary the external wals should be made so strong to resist any such attempt.

10. the building should be sound insulating so as to reduce sound passing through it.

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